About Us

Who We Are...

...and What We Do

Go Beyond Barrington is a student led nonprofit 501.c.3 philanthropic organization located in Barrington, IL. We are comprised of high school students from Barrington High School and student volunteers from our community, as well as a group of adult directors and advisors. Founded in 2011 from student leaders in the Barrington community under guidance from adult leaders, Go Beyond Barrington has served to improve and empower communities in need.

By reaching out to community members in the Barrington area we are able to bring many people to our program and donate to those who are in need. We strive to provide as much assistance as we can to an organization within our year of commitment and partnership. Now, in our 6th year of existence, we have raised and donated over $90,000 to communities in need.


A History of Contributions


The Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association

We were able to collect $10,000 to donate to GLASA this year. Go Beyond Barrington teamed up with GLASA to provide more disabled individuals with the opportunity to empower themselves through sport. Working alongside GLASA staff, we engaged (and bonded) with GLASA members and also helped to organize various sports equipment used both with GLASA and for professional sporting events.


Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans

The 2016-2017 school year was a great year for Go Beyond Barrington. During this school year, GBB teamed up with the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans with the goal of improving the lives of those who helped defend our country. Not only were we able to volunteer around the shelter--where members helped cook, landscape, and more--but GBB also managed to raise over $21,000 for MSHV! We hope that this money, coupled with our efforts, will have a lasting, positive effect on MSHV.


A Safe Haven

At the end of this year, we donated $13,000 to A Safe Haven. We were credited as a gold status sponsor of the annual 5K run to end homelessness with the amount of our donation. We thoroughly enjoyed our spring break project with them as well. We served the homeless at the food pantry, painted the shelters, sorted 4,000 pounds of incoming canned good donations, and were able to meet residents of the shelter.