Meet the Board

Mark Nicoletti

PresidentEl Presidente

Hi. My name is Mark Nicoletti, and I am a senior on the Go Beyond Barrington board, currently occupying the position of the President. I am proud to be a part of GBB because the work the board does sheds a good light on the community as a whole, and impacts others in a very positive way. I am looking forward to this year's spring break service trip, as I thoroughly enjoyed going to volunteer last year!

Anne Tokarski

Madam Secretary

Hi, my name is Anne Tokarski and I am a senior at BHS. I am entering my second year as secretary of Go Beyond Barrington, and this is my third year as a member of the club as a whole. I'm excited to continue to be a part of a club that is able to effect so much change throughout our community. I'm especially looking forward to our annual spring break trip, as it is incredibly humbling to spend even just a few days working with people who put forth so much of their time, effort, and money in order to improve the world around them. I'm honored to have been reinstated as Go Beyond Barrington's secretary, and I can't wait for another amazing year of fundraising, volunteering, and making our community a better place.

Shivam Patel


My name is Shivam Patel, and I am a Junior and Barrington High School and the Treasurer of Go Beyond Barrington. I joined the organization at the start of my sophomore year. I am very grateful to have this position, and look forward to growing the impact GBB can have on many different people. I joined this group for a multitude of reasons, with the primary one being the great things it does for people less fortunate than us. Another aspect of Go Beyond Barrington that I enjoy is the sense of unity that the members have, and how we truly work as a team to accomplish our goal. I am looking forward to this current year, and how we can make a difference in the lives of even more people.

Peter Lais

Communications Director

Hello! My name is Peter Lais, and I am a junior at Barrington High School and the communications director of Go Beyond Barrington. I have been a part of the club since the beginning of sophomore year and am excited to be granted the privelige of holding some sort of title in this noble organization. I look forward to another successful year of service and look forward to all of the enjoyable experiences that I was able to experience last year in the club, such as the Go Beyond Games and the Spring Break Service Trip—something which I especially look forward to this year on account of the fact that this trip allows us to truly Go Beyond Barrington (sorry for the pun) and volunteer with organizations that are actively striving to assist others in their times of need.

Mira Parekh

In-School Director

Hi! My name is Mira Parekh and I am a senior and currently the In-School Director of Go Beyond Barrington. I am so proud of the amount GBB has been able to give back over the years. More importantly though, it has been most rewarding to see and contribute to the tangible results we have implemented such as this past year at Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans! I am looking forward to another memorable year ahead, and am so humbled to have the opportunity to help lead such a hardworking and dedicated organization.

Kunal Mamtani

Underclassman Advisor

Hello! My name is Kunal Mamtani and I am currently a junior at Barrington High School. I currently serve as the Underclassman Advisor for GBB and this is my second year as a member of the Go Beyond Barrington Board. I joined GBB to have a greater impact on Barrington and the community and to help the people around me that may be in need. I am looking forward to a great, fun-filled year and am also looking forward to helping out an amazing beneficiary as well as supporting people in need in our community.

John Hennin

Board Member

Hi, my name is John Hennin and I'm a senior at BHS. This is my first year on the Go Beyond Barrington board and my second year with the club. I am very much looking forward to working with Lake County Haven through volunteering and fundraising.

Brent Li

Board Member

Hi. My name is Brent Li and I am a senior this year at Barrington High School. I joined this club as a junior at first to give back to the community. Since then I have put my all into helping the club and doing what I can to support whichever beneficiary we choose this year. After a year of hard work, I am now able to take action as a board member and will use this important position to help those in need.

Anish Raju

Board Member

My name is Anish Raju, and I am a junior at Barrington High School. My favorite part of GBB is the loving, family environment of the club. As soon as you join, you are welcomed by people who have a passion to help those who are less fortunate, just like you. I want to extend our organization's reach much further, so we can donate to multiple beneficiares a year. I aspire to do this by getting more people to join the great GBB family.

Nathan Nguyen

Board Member

Hi, I’m Nathan Nguyen. I am currently a junior at Barrington High School and have been a part of GBB since I was a freshman. This year, I believe we are going to do amazing things and am looking forward to donating the raised money to people in need.