GBB Go Beyond Barrington A 501.c3 Nonprofit Organization

Executive Board

President: Sophie Harwood

Sophie Harwood
Sophie Harwood
Hi! My name is Sophie Harwood and I am a senior and the President of Go Beyond Barrington. I have been a member of GBB for four years now. I am proud to be a part of this organization because I believe that the displayed hard efforts that our group has made, and will continue to make, create a huge impact. It is a special thing to have witnessed this impact and I am excited to continue to spread this impact farther this year. I am looking forward to another successful and memorable year working with my peers to empower another deserving community in need.

Vice-President: Mira Parekh

Mira Parekh
Mira Parekh Hi! My name is Mira Parekh and I am a Junior and the Vice President of Go Beyond Barrington. Although this is my first year on the board, I have always admired Go Beyond Barrington because not only is it a fundraising organization, but a group of individuals that goes the extra mile by travelling to communities in need and volunteering our time and services. It is beyond rewarding to help another community less fortunate, and then to see first hand the differences we can make. This upcoming year, I am so humbled to have the opportunity to help lead this group in our future endeavours pursuing our motto of empowering communities in need.

Secretary: Jacob Werner

Jacob Werner
Jacob Werner Hello, my name is Jacob Werner, I'm a senior, currently GBB's secretary, and I am proud to be in GBB because it offers the unique opportunity to volunteer and raise money as well as seeing who that money goes to and being able to interact with them. This year I am looking foreword to working with all of the new members and becoming friends with all of them as well as volunteering and making a difference peoples' lives.

Treasurer: Jack Adams

Jack Adams
Jack Adams Hi, my name is Jack Adams and I will be a Junior this fall. My current role on the GBB board is as the treasurer and it is my first year as a board member. Throughout this upcoming year, I am most excited to take part in the organization of fundraising activities such as the Go Beyond Barrington Games and the Snapenger Hunt. Although I am new to the club, I have participated in the GBB fundraisers in the past and admire the clubs ability to bring together the student body in fun competitions while raising money for people less fortunate than us. I am proud to be a member of Go Beyond Barrington because we are able to raise money for worthy causes, while increasing student participation and doing it all in a creative and fun fashion.

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